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Sailing charter and sailing courses

«S/Y SANTANA» stands ready for all types of missions; short or long, in any shape or form you wish. From comfortable Oslofjord trips to longer and more adventurous voyages for the daring, SANTANA offers it all, with the experienced professional- and amateur sailor Simen Løvgren as captain. Weather, wind, sailing at dark, aquatic animal life and everything else related are all guaranteed experiences at SANTANA YACHTING.

While SANTANA YACTHING can be offered as a pure experience, we also wish to activate our customers by teaching and instructing them in basic sailing tasks, like navigation, trimming sails, stirring and cooking. With this it’s expected of everyone to participate and cooperate as a team.

S/Y SANTANA may set sail from Hankø, Son or any other desirable location if sailing at sea is more tempting than a shorter trip in inner Oslofjord.

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Below are examples of trips offered by SANTANA YACHTING:

For companies

Company trips, customer trips, internal rewarding/gifting, kick-off, teambuilding-projects

For representation

Bring important business partners, do the little extra to impress

For project groups and office partners

Bonding and teambuilding

For important celebrations

Regarding weddings, birthdays, anniversaries or bachelor parties

For singles

Trips organized for those wanting to meet like-minded partners *

Cabin charter

For couples wanting new experiences together *


Skagerrak voyage

Sail in the strait between Norway, Sweden and Denmark (departure is happily arranged from Son or Hankø) *

*Separate events are arranged; please contact us for further information

For further information please visit us at

For inquiries please contact us at

Welcome on board!


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